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Swedish Massage

What is Swedish massage and why do you need it? 

Swedish massage is great for general every day aches, strains and pains.

The massage can be slow and gentle or vigorous and bracing depending on what each individual client needs.

Swedish massage is the most widely recognised and used massage. It is also known as classic or deep tissue massage too. Techniques are varied, the benefits include increased blood circulation, mental and physical relaxation, decreased stress and muscle tension and improved muscle range. Some studies have shown a reduction in salivary cortisol showing it's important role in stress reduction and mood improvement.

These sessions are 30 to 55 minutes long and 75 if including facial and scalp massage.

Physical benefits

There are numerous physical benefits associated with the use of Swedish massage:

  • loosening tight muscles and stretching connective tissues
  • relieving cramps and muscle spasms and decreasing muscle fatigue
  • loosening joints and improving range of motion
  • increasing muscle strength
  • calming the nervous system
  • stimulating blood circulation
  • firming up muscle and skin tone
  • relieving symptoms of such disorders as asthma , arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome , chronic and acute pain syndromes, myofacial pain, headache , temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction, and athletic injuries
  • speeding up healing from injury and illness
  • improving lymphatic drainage of metabolic wastes

Mental and emotional benefits

Mental benefits associated with massage therapy include the following:

  • mental relaxation
  • improvement in length and quality of sleep
  • relief of stress, depression, anxiety and irritation
  • increased ability to concentrate
  • improved sense of well-being